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Musical Theatre Audition Advice:
Auditioning to Get the Part

You can't get the role without getting past the audition. Whether you are preparing for a straight theatre audition, a dance audition, a vocal audition or a true "triple threat" musical audition, there are audition tips here to help you. Just click the links on our menu at left.

The best audition tip I can give you to improve your performance at musical theatre auditions is simply to get experience in auditioning. While the first few auditions may be nervewracking, the more audition opportunities you have the easier it will become.


Preparing for A Musical Theatre Audition: Steps To Success

Step 1: Research the Company & Audition Specifics

  • As soon as you have decided to audition, make an appointment right away if one is necessary. Some auditions have a limited number of spaces. Making an audition appointment early will also give you more choice of when you audition, allowing you to choose what fits into your schedule.
  • Add a page in your audition journal with all the important info: who, what, where, when, what the requirements are, etc. Mark the date on your calendar.
  • Find as much information as possible about the production company and the director.

Step 2: Research the Show

  • Use our show index to read a plot summary, look at the cast requirements, make a note of the roles you are eligible for. Take notes in your audition journal.
  • Listen to the music from the show if possible. Pay particular attention to any songs sung by the characters you are suited for.
  • Read the script if at all possible. Take note of scenes that might be used for a cold reading.
  • Research the time period in which the play or musical is set.

Step 3: Choose Your Audition Song & Monologue

Step 4: Prepare Other Skills & Rehearse Thoroughly

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