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Welcome to the only Broadway show directory designed specifically for performers. Click on the name of the show for important audition information such as plot, characters, song list, sheet music, and other shows by the same composer. Specific advice for auditioning for each show is given wherever possible. Clicking on a character’s name will give you a list of characters from other shows that have a similar profile, allowing you to choose audition material quickly and easily. Browse Shows by Musical Style, Time Period, or Casting Requirements here.

A show missing? Info that is wrong/incomplete? Suggestions for characters that are similar? Other audition information that you would like to see added? E-mail me your comments! This database cannot continue to grow without your support.

K Indicates shows with roles for children T Indicates shows with roles for teens
D Indicates shows with major dance roles and/or dance chorus
SV Indicates shows with a “star vehicle” character

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