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Character Profile: "The Bad Guy - Villain "
The traditional villain. We love to hate him. His purpose is to make trouble for our protagonists. Unlike some other "bad guys", he does not have likeable qualities that might endear him to an audience. Click on the show name for more detailed information about each character.

Jud Fry, Oklahoma, Song: "Lonely Room"

Mordred, Camelot, Song: "The Seven Deadly Virtues"

Sandor Prentz, Bells Are Ringing

Scar, The Lion King, Song: "Be Prepared"

Mr. Applegate, Damn Yankees, Song: "Those Were The Good Old Days"

Orin, Little Shop Of Horrors, Song: "Dentist"

Rooster, Annie, Song: "Easy Street"

General Bullmoose, Lil' Abner

Cousin Kevin, Tommy, Song: "Cousin Kevin"

Emcee, Steel Pier, Song: "A Powerful Thing"

Caldwell B. Cladwell, Urinetown

Zoser, Aida, Song: "Another Pyramid"

Bill Sykes, Oliver, Song: "My Name"

Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors, Song: "Suppertime"

Guillaume, Martin Guerre

Injun Joe, Tom Sawyer

Sir Percival Glyde, The Woman In White


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