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A Chorus Line The Musical

Music by: Marvin Hamlisch, Lyrics by: Edward Kleban, Book by: James Kirkwood & Nicholas Dante

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A Chorus Line follows a director and 17 hopefulls as they compete for 8 roles in a dance chorus. The characters bare their souls through song and dance as the director attempts to find out who they truly are.

Most of the characters in this show are between the ages of 18-35, although some can be slightly older (such as Zach).

Audition Preparation Suggestions For A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is about dancers, so singing ability will usually be less important in auditions than dancing. If you listen to the original cast recording, you will notice that the voices are not very polished - a little edgy, and that is the way most shows will be cast.

Those auditioning for Val should be familiar with the "Dance 10, Looks 3" monologue.

All the characters in A Chorus Line must have strong dance ability in jazz/ballet/tap, with the exception of Zach.

Zach (Non-Singing Role, 30 - 45)
Director of show, ex-lover of Cassie
Cassie (Soprano)
Aging but excellent dancer
Kristine (Non-Singing)
Married to Al, can't sing, hysterical
Al (Baritone)
Married to Kristine, very protective
Shiela (Alto)
Over-confident but beautiful actress
Val (Alto - Belt, "perfect" figure)
Sexy with attitude, foul-mouthed, superficial (had plastic surgery to improve looks)
Mike (Tenor, Italian)
Victim complex - is often teased
Larry (Tenor, 30 - 45)
Zach's assistant, authoritative
Maggie (Mezzo)
Connie (Alto, short, Asian)
Diane (Alto, Puerto Rican)
Energetic, humorous, speaks from the heart
Richie (Tenor, usually a black man)
High-energy, good-natured, proud
Paul (Baritone, Puerto Rican)
Friend of Diane. Quiet, shy, introverted, gay
Mark (Tenor)
Optimistic, naive, charming, obsessed with sex
Judy (Mezzo, tall)
Nervous, scatterbrained, gawky, hopeful
Greg (baritone, handsome)
A typical "pretty boy"
Bebe (Alto)
A Jewish modern dancer
Bobby (Baritone)
Flamboyant, funny, clever
Don (Baritone)
The "all-american" man
Male & Female cut dancers (chorus)

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