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Anne Of Green Gables The Musical

Music by Norman Campbell
Lyrics by Donald Harron, Norman Campbell, Elaine Campbell & Mavor Moore

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Based on the novel Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.

A young orphan finally gets a chance for a real family after years of being used as a workhorse, but first she will have to let go of her fantasy life.

Anne comes to Prince Edward Island but finds herself unwanted because the Cuthberts had asked for a boy. She soon wins them over, however, and the audience sees that the Cuthberts need Anne as much as she needs them.

This coming of age story is a wonderful adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel, "Anne of Green Gables". The story has become a Canadian classic and is one of few musicals to portray rural life in the early part of the 20th century.

Anne of Green Gables is an excellent source for audition songs for boys and girls ages 12 - 16. The music is age appropriate, pleasing and fairly easy to learn, but the show itself is not well known, so the songs won't be overdone unlike most audition material for this age group.

Audition Preparation Suggestions For Anne of Green Gables

This is a high energy show and your audition material should reflect this.

Anne (mezzo, red hair, dance ability, looks 12 - 14)
A very bright, outgoing, imaginative orphan. A very strong, well-rounded performer required.
Marilla Cuthbert (40s-50s)
A critical, practical, but secretly loving spinster.
Matthew Cuthbert (40s-50s)
Marilla's brother, a hardworking farmer with a gentle heart.
Diana Barrie (Mezzo, looks 12 - 14)
Anne's "bosom" friend. Not nearly as intelligent as Anne, but very loyal and sweet.
Gilbert Blythe (13 - 15)
Good looking, very confident and very bright.
Josie Pye (13 - 15)
Anne's rival for Gilbert's affections. A snobby, manipulative girl. Used to getting what she wants.
Miss Stacey (20s-30s)
An imaginative, energetic young school teacher.
Mrs. Rachel Lynde (40s-50s)
Marilla's oldest friend - a meddling, gossiping woman but also a good neighbor with a kind heart
Mr. Phillips (30s - 40s)
A cranky, uninspired school teacher in love with his oldest student, Prissy Andrews
Lucilla Harris (20s)
A young, kindhearted shopkeeper.
Other Townspeople:
Mrs Blewitt, Mrs Pye, Minister, The Stationmaster
Other Schoolchildren:
Prissy Andrews, Ruby Gillis, Tillie Boulter, Gertie Pye, Charlie Sloane, Moody MacPherson, Gerry Buote, Tommy Sloane, Malcome Andrews

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List of Songs in Anne Of Green Gables

  • Great workers for the cause (Women's Chorus)
  • Where is Matthew going?
  • Gee, I'm glad I'm no one else but me (Anne)
  • We Clearly Requested A Boy (Marilla & Matthew)
  • The facts (Anne)
  • Humble pie
  • Oh, Mrs. Lynde! - Apology (Anne)
  • Back to school
  • Did you hear? (Company)
  • Ice cream (Diana & School Children)
  • Where did the summer go to?
  • Wonderin' (Gilbert)
  • Learn everything! - Open the Window (Miss Stacey)
  • Kindred spirits (Anne & Diana)
  • When I Say My Say
  • I'll Show Him (Anne)
  • General store
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • The Words
  • If It Hadn't Been For Me (Anne)

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