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Annie The Musical

Music by Charles Strouse
Lyrics by Martin Charnin, Book by Thomas Meehan

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1933, Manhattan's lower east side, the depression. Based on the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" by Harold Gray, this musical follows a 10-year-old orphan girl (and her dog, Sandy) as she attempts to find her parents in order to escape the horrible Miss Hannigan, the matron of the orphanage. Eventually, however, it is discovered that her parents have been dead for some time, but she is comforted and adopted by millianaire Oliver Warbucks.

"You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" shows off a trained voice very nicely and is a good audition choice for a child's role in any show.

Audition Tips & Preparation Suggestions for Annie

Most of the characters require light to medium dancing skills, while Rooster & Lily should have high dance ability. The style of dance required reflects the era in which the show is set: jazz training is excellent preparation. Annie & Oliver should also have tap dance training for their soft shoe number.

"Tommorow" is one of the most used audition songs for children, and should probably be avoided as an audition choice. However, if you are trying to get the role of Annie, it is extremely likely that you will be asked to sing it in callbacks, so have it ready.

Annie (child legit mezzo, 10, redhead, A to high F)
Big voiced, energetic, street-wise yet warm orphan.
Miss Hannigan (Gravelly Mezzo, 35-60, A to Ab)
Alcoholic, unhappy orphanage matron. Excellent comedic timing and acrid delivery.
Oliver Warbucks (Baritone, 40-65, C to high F)
Warm-hearted, sincere, but business minded, lonely.
Grace Ferrell (Soprano, 25-35, A to high G)
Oliver's faithful private secretary. Beautiful & loyal. Usually a dance role.
Rooster (Tenor/Baritone, 30-50, B to high G)
Miss Hannigan's criminal brother.
Lily (Squeaky Soprano, 30-45, D to high G)
Rooster's floozy girlfriend.
Roosevelt (Baritone, 40-65, Cb to E#)
Do I need to describe him? He's the president.
Cecille, Annette (Mezzo, 21-55, the maids)
Orphans: (all must sing & dance well)
Molly (6) Pepper (12) Kate (7) Duffy (13) Tessie (10) July (13)
Other Characters: Bert Healy, Fred McCracken, Ickes, Ward, Bundles McCloskey, Jimmy Johnson, Boylan Sisters, Dog Catchers, Drake, cabinet members, Mrs Greer, Mrs Pugh, announcer, usherette, Cordell Hull, Eddie, Francis Perkins, Henry Morgenthau, Honor Guard.

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List of Songs in Annie (Click on song title to download digital sheet music)

Annie Song Lyrics

Life After Tomorrow

DownloadDownload the Original Annie Broadway Cast Recording  

  • Maybe (Annie & Orphans)
  • It's A Hard-Knock Life (Orphans)
  • Tomorrow (Annie)
  • We'd Like To Thank You (Chorus)
  • Little Girls (Miss Hannigan)
  • I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (Grace, Annie & Staff)
  • Let's Go To The Movies
  • N.Y.C (Oliver, Annie, Grace, Chorus)
  • Easy Street (Miss Hannigan, Rooster, Lily)
  • You Won't Be An Orphan For Long (Oliver & Staff)
  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (Boylan Sisters & Orphans)
  • Tomorrow (Annie, F.D.R, Oliver & Cabinet)
  • Something Was Missing (Oliver)
  • I Don't Need Anything But You (Oliver & Annie)
  • Annie (Grace, Drake, & Staff)
  • A New Deal For Christmas (Full Cast)

From the Movie Version Only:

  • Sandy/Dumb Dog

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