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Brigadoon The Musical

Music by Frederick Loewe
Book & Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner

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Set in the 1940's, two American hunters get lost in the scottish highlands only to find themselves in a magical village from the 1800s! Inevitably, one of the Americans, Tommy, falls for a young scottish lass, Fiona. As he battles with himself over the decision of whether to give up his life back home in order to be with her, the tiny village has troubles of its own. A disgruntled suitor of Fiona's sister Jean seeks to break Brigadoon's spell of protection that would banish the village forever. Tommy and Jeff help to save the town, but Tommy can't bring himself to stay. Once he returns to New York, however, he realizes that he "canna" live without Fiona and a miracle helps them to reunite. A beautiful (if somewhat sappy) story with beautiful music.

Audition Suggestions for Brigadoon

Brigadoon has some beautiful chorus harmonies. While it is difficult to show your ability to harmonize in a solo audition, choose a song that shows off your full musical ability.

A dance background in ballet and/or highland is strongly recommended for this show.

With the exception of Tommy, Jeff, and Jane, all of the characters in Brigadoon must speak with a Scottish accent. If you are auditioning for this show, it is strongly recommended that you read the script to familiarize yourself with the difficult language.

Tommy Albright (Legit High Baritone, 25-35)
A dreamer caught in a practical man's body. He seems to have everything, but still isn't happy.
Fiona Cambell (Legit High Soprano, 25-35)
Jean's older sister. Practical, reliable, but also a dreamer. Has high expectations for love.
Jeff Douglas (Non-Singing, 30-45, comic role)
Tommy's alcoholic, cynical and sarcastic friend. This is a very comic role and often steals the show.
Meg Brockie (Alto/Mezzo, 25-30)
Silly milkmaid desperate for a husband.
Jean Cambell (Non-singing, 16-20, dance)
Fiona's beautiful, shy younger sister, engaged to Charlie.
Charlie Dalrymple (lyric Tenor, 20-25, dance)
Happy, vibrant fiance of Jean. A lover of life, and loved by all.
Mr. Lundie (Non-Singing, 50-75)
The wise old schoolmaster.
Harry Beaton (Non-Singing, 18-25, dance)
Rejected suitor of Jean. Educated, but bitter and unhappy.
Archie Beaton (Bass, 45-65)
Father of Harry, town's cloth weaver & seller
Andrew MacLaren (Baritone, 45-65)
Fiona & Jean's father. A leading figure in town.
Maggie Anderson (Non-Singing,16-20, dance)
Spurned love of Harry.
Jane Ashton (Non-Singing, 25-35)
Tommy's fiance in NY. Sophisticated, severe.

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DownloadDownload the MGM film Soundtrack Album  

  • Once In The Highlands (Chorus)
  • Brigadoon (Chorus)
  • Down On MacConnachy Square (Solos with Chorus)
  • Waitin' For My Dearie (Fiona & Girls)
  • The Love of My Life (Meg)
  • I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean (Charlie & Men)
  • The Heather On The Hill (Tommy & Fiona)
  • Come To Me Bend To Me (Charlie)
  • Almost Like Being In Love (Tommy & Fiona)
  • There But For You Go I (Tommy)
  • My Mother's Weddin' Day (Meg)
  • From This Day On (Tommy & Fiona)
  • Brigadoon Reprise (Chorus)
  • Jeannie's Packin Up (Women's Chorus)

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