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Bye Bye Birdie The Musical

Music by: Charles Strouse
Lyrics by: Lee Adams, Book by: Michael Stewart

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Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie is a cute little satire musical set in the 1950s, USA. An Elvis-esque Conrad Birdie is the singing hearthrob du jour, but problems abound. Birdie's manager is facing financial ruin, and his secretary and would-be love interest Rosie is getting more than a little frustrated with him. Meanwhile, Birdie has received a draft notice from the military. Albert plans a farewell party for Conrad on the Ed Sullivan Show, when one lucky fan will have the chance to kiss him. Kim MacAfee from Sweet Apple wins the contest. She is ecstatic. Her boyfriend is not. Eventually Kim and her boyfriend make up, and Albert retires from the managing business to become an English teacher and marry Rosie.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for
Bye Bye Birdie

This is a wonderful show for highschools - the songs are in an easily singable range and the characters are easy to identify with. Most roles require dancing ability.

Albert Peterson (Baritone, 28-37, dance, pratfalls)
President of Almaelou Music Corp. Birdie's manager. Sweet, but a pushover. Strong acting, good voice needed.
Rosie Alvarez (Alto, 26-35, true "triple-theat" role)
Albert's secretary - the real brain of the pair. Strong-willed, smart, of Spanish heritage, patience of a saint.
Kim MacAfee (Soprano/Mezzo, 15, high A)
Winner of the kissing contest. A typical 50's teenager. Pretty, self-confident. Strong acting and singing, group dancing.
Conrad Birdie (Baritone, Elvislike, 21-30, dance)
Handsome rockstar. Frustrated by those who run his career.
Suzie (Mezzo, 12-17)
A teenage fan of Conrad's.
Hugo Peabody (Non-Singing, 15-18)
Kim's dorky, jealous boyfriend.
Helen, Nancy, Margie, Alice, Penelope (Mezzo, dance)
A featured chorus of Conrad's fans.
Karl, Harvey Johnson (Baritone, 12-17, dance)
Boys to go with the girls in Sweet Apple.
Mr. Harry MacAfee (Baritone, Comedy, 40-55)
A typical old fashioned, grumpy father, frustrated with the behavior of "teenagers today". A comedic role. Singing is required but is not difficult.
Mrs. Doris MacAfee (Mezzo, 40-50)
Mr. MacAfee's supportive wife. Steady, calm, in control of a nervous, grouchy husband and a hysterical teenage daughter. Very little singing.
Randolph (Tenor, 10)
The MacAfee's son. Very little singing.
Mae Peterson (Non-Singing, Comedic, 55-75)
Albert's overbearing, controlling mother. Strong acting and good comic timing.
Ursula Merkel (Mezzo, 13-17, "triple-threat")
The hyper-enthusiastic leader of Conrad's teenage fans. Kim's best friend and neighbor.
Gloria Rasputin (Non-Singing, comedic, 21-30, tap dance)
Albert's mother's choice for Albert's new secretary. Tap dancing blonde bombshell.
Reporters, Policemen, Bartender, Stage Mngr. ,Conductor, Traveler, Mayor's Wife

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DownloadBye Bye Birdie! - Original Broadway Cast - Download The Album Now! 

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