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Falsettos The Musical

William Finn & James Lapine

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List of Characters in Falsettos / Falsettoland

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Falsettos Cast Recording

Falsettoland 1990 Off-Off Broadway Cast

Falsettos is actually a combination of the second & third shows in a trilogy by William Finn. The first show in the trilogy, In Trousers, is rarely performed. The second "March of the Falsettos" and third "Falsettoland" (a continuation of the story 2 years later) are usually performed together under the title of "Falsettos".

This is the story of a confused, bisexual man, Marvin, amidst a Jewish family in New York. Initially, Marvin seems blessed with the perfect family. He has a caring wife, Trina and a young son, Jason. Nevertheless, the family is soon broken apart when Marvin leaves Trina for another man, Whizzer. Trina, meanwhile, ends up with the family psychiatrist, Mendel. All the while, Jason is stuck in the middle. Bringing friendship to Marvin and Whizzer are the lesbian couple composed of Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia. In the end, the various characters are forced to come together when Whizzer contracts AIDS, and soon dies.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for Falsettos

There is no spoken dialogue in the Falsettos, and therefore it requires strong trained vocalists.

Marvin (Baritone, low A to E, light dancing, 35 - 45)
Marvin is trying to find himself while being married to a woman and yet, bisexual. He can be selfish and yet jealous; confused, yet needy.
Whizzer Brown (Tenor, low bB to G, light dancing, 20 - 40)
Marvin's young, sexually active lover who is not used to being in a committed relationship. He eventually contracts AIDS.
Mendel (Baritone, Bb to high C#, intense dancing, 30 - 50)
The smart, quirky, and kind family psychiatrist who has a crush on Trina.
Jason (Tenor, low G to E, light dancing, 9 - 14)
Marvin's confused son.
Trina (Mezzo, low A to E, light dance, 30 - 45)
Marvin's slightly naïve, nervous, and forgiving wife. She has a crush on Mendel.
Dr. Charlotte (Mezzo, low B to bE, light dance, 30 - 55)
Cordelia's lesbian lover who is concerned about both Marvin and Whizzer. She is serious and yet loving.
Cordelia (Soprano, low A to bE, Light Dance, 30 - 55)
Charlotte's devoted lesbian lover. She is a good friend to many and always wants to keep people happy.

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Audition Preparation Materials

List of Songs in Falsettos/Falsetto Land

  • Four Jews In A Room Bitching
  • This Had Better Stop
  • The Games I Play
  • The Chess Game
  • I Never Wanted To Love You
  • Trina's Song
  • This Had Better Come To A Stop
  • Love Is Blind
  • My Father's A Homo
  • The Thrill Of First Love
  • Falsettoland
  • Year Of THe CHild
  • The Baseball Game
  • Everyone Hates His Parents
  • What More Can I Say
  • Something Bad Is Happening
  • Days Like This
  • Unlikely Lovers
  • You Gotta Die Sometime
  • What Would I Do?

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