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Fame The Musical

Music by Steven Margoshes
Lyrics by Jacques Levy, Book by Jose Fernandez

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Fame 1999 Original Cast Recording

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Fame is set in a New York Highschool for the Performing Arts, and follows a set of new recruits from first day through graduation. The script is written to reflect the multiculturalism of New York and the characters are very diverse as a result.

The script contains some mature themes, although some productions choose to edit the script slightly to make it suitable for all audiences. (The script edits easily as the mature dialogue is limited to certain scenes.) Some racist language is also present, but may/may not be edited out.

Note: Fame began as a movie that later spawned a stage version as well as a television show. The songs & information listed here are based on the stage version.

Audition Preparation Suggestions For Fame

Most characters in Fame must have strong dance ability in jazz and/or ballet.

Fame deals with many different teen issues. Females auditioning for a role may wish to look at this monologue (note: this is not from the stage version!)

This show features characters of a specific ethnicity. The ability to speak Spanish is an asset for some characters in this show.

Nick Piazza
classical actor - his goal in life is to "move people emotionally", but the irony is that he himself is very emotionally closed off.
Serena Katz
an actress - gentle and emotional soul - Suffers from unrequited love.
Carmen Diaz (Strong belt, Latina, dance)
A self-assured, cocky spitfire.
Tyrone Jackson (dance)
A sexy, streetwise African-American hip-hop dancer
Iris Kelly (dance)
a very wealthy, classically-trained ballet dancer
Mabel Washington (dance)
overweight dancer but full of spunk and wit, and a bit of a diva
Schlomo Metzenbaum (jazz piano required)
a pianist
Grace "Lambchops" Lamb
a very tough female punk-style drummer
Goodman "Goody" King (jazz trumpet/sax an asset)
a mellow jazz musician
Joe Vegas (Hispanic)
a funny, uninhibited "class clown"
Miss Esther Sherman (40s - 50s)
a strict & hard-working English teacher
Ms. Greta Bell (late 20s - early 30s)
an artsy dance teacher
Mr. Myers
the drama teacher
Mr. Shienkopf
European Music tutor
Chorus of students

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DownloadDownload the complete cast album for Fame the Musical

  • Pray, Pray, Pray (Students)
  • Hard Work (Company)
  • I Want to Make Magic (Nick)
  • Can't Keep it Down (Joe & Students)
  • Tyrone's Rap (Tyrone)
  • There She Goes! / Fame (Carmen & Students)
  • Let's Play a Love Scene (Serena)
  • Bring on Tomorrow (Schlomo & Carmen)
  • The Teachers' Argument (Miss Bell & Ms. Sherman)
  • Hard Work Reprise (Students)
  • I Want to Make Magic Reprise (Nick & Students)
  • Mabel's Prayer  (Mabel & Girls)
  • Think of Meryl Streep (Serena)
  • Dancin' on the Sidewalk (Tyrone & Students)
  • These are My Children (Ms Sherman)
  • The Pas de Deux dance (Tyrone & Iris)
  • In L.A. (Carmen)
  • Let's Play a Love Scene Reprise (Nick & Serena)
  • Bring on Tomorrow Reprise (Company)

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