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The Fantasticks The Musical

Music by Harvey Schmidt
Lyrics and Book by Tom Jones

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DownloadDownload the Fantasticks Sheet Music

Based on the play Les Romanesques by Edmund Rostand

The tale of The Fantasticks is the opposite of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Whereas Romeo and Juliet's love is a forbidden love, the parents of the young couple in this tale want their children to fall in love despite their differences. During the moving tale, the young lovers become disillusioned, only to discover a more mature, meaningful love.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for The Fantasticks

Luisa's speech before the song "Much More" is overdone as an audition monologue and should be avoided. However, it may help you to study it to explore the character, and may be asked for by the audition panel in call-backs.

There are some ballet sequences that further the plot and for that reason they cannot be removed. Ballet dancers will be required.

El Gallo The Narrator (High Baritone - A flat to high G)
rakish, handsome.
The Mute (non-singing, physical)
Matt (Baritone/Tenor - A to high G, 18)
Hucklebee (Baritone)
Matt's father. Meticulous gardener. Former Naval officer.
Luisa (Soprano - B to high B, 16)
romantic, an idealist.
Bellamy (Baritone)
Luisa's father. A merchant and picky gardener.
Henry's goofy sidekick.
Henry (40-60)
an over-actor

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List of Songs in The Fantasticks (Click on the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • Try To Remember 
  • Louisa's Intro 
  • Bird Magic 
  • Much More (Luisa) 
  • This Girl 
  • Metaphor 
  • Celebration 
  • The Wall 
  • I'll Marry 
  • Ladder 
  • Never Say No 
  • It Depends On What You Pay 
  • It Depends On What You Pay Reprise 
  • Moonlight #1 
  • Moonlight #2 
  • In the Glen 
  • Soon It's Gonna Rain 
  • Rape Ballet 
  • After the Ballet 
  • Happy Ending 
  • This Plum Is Too Ripe 
  • The Quarrel 
  • I Can See It 
  • An Episode 
  • Rebuilding Wall #1 
  • Rebuilding Wall #2 
  • Plant A Radish 
  • Much More Reprise 
  • Round and Round 
  • Distant Carousel 
  • Beyond that road 
  • Paradox

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