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Forever Plaid The Musical

Stuart Ross

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On their way to their first big concert, the Plaids were killed in a traffic accident with a busload of teenagers. Due to the alignment of space and time, the Plaids are able to return to Earth for one final concert. In between telling the stories of their lives, the Plaids perform some of the greatest hits from the 1950s before returning back to Heaven. While there is no choreographed dancing in the show, all four performers must have excellent rhythm and move well.

Francis (Baritone, 16 - 25)
The confident leader who has a tendency to hyperventilate.
Sparky (Tenor, 16 - 25)
The bad-boy of the group.
Jinx (Tenor, 16 - 25)
The shy high tenor with recurrent nose bleeds.
Smudge (Bass, 16 - 25)
The not-so-intelligent member of the group.

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