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The Full Monty The Musical

Music and Lyrics- David Yazbeck
Book- Terrence McNally

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A group of unemployed steelworking men frustrated with life, women, and work decide that regardless of looks, ability or anything else, they are going to be the best chippendale strippers Yorkshire has ever seen.

People might assume that The Full Monty wasn't that great since it didn't win a single Tony. Keep in mind that it lost to The Producers in each of the 10 categories it was nominated in.

The six steel workers must appear nude for one brief moment at the end of the show. There is some "frank language" and mature themes.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for The Full Monty

This is a high-energy, comedic show. Be sure to show off these qualities in your audition.

The music in The Full Monty is funk/rock-inspired contemporary. To choose an appropriate audition song, look at other shows with rock-style scores.

Jerry Lukowski (30 - 45)
Dave's best friend, recently divorced, rugged but a little "past his prime"
Dave Bukatinsky (30 - 45)
Jerry's hopelessly overweight friend
Ethan Girard (30 - 45)
somewhat simple-minded but good-hearted (and well-endowed) - homosexual
Malcolm MacGregor (30 - 45)
sweet homosexual man who lives alone with his infirm mother - unhappy & suicidal
Harold Nichols (dance, 30 - 45)
Jerry & Dave's former boss-turned-choreographer of the group. He has been hiding his unemployment from his wife for 6 months
Horse (African-American, 30 - 45)
A “Big Black Man” with voice and moves to bring the house down
Georgie Bukatinsky
Dave's wife
Nathan (Non-Singing, 12 - 14)
Jerry's son
Jeanette Burmeister (45 - 65)
a showbiz-savvy accompanist
Vicki Nichols (Alto/Mezzo)
Harold's wife - an oblivious socialite
Keno (Non-Singing)
a male stripper - effeminate in attitude but not in body
Jerry's ex-wife
Teddy Slaughter
Pam's new boyfriend

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List of Songs in The Full Monty

  • Download the complete album
  • Scrap
  • It's A Woman's World
  • Man (Jerry & Dave)
  • Big-Ass Rock
  • Life With Harold (Vicki)
  • Big Black Man (Horse)
  • You Rule My World (Dave & Harold)
  • Michael Jordan's Ball
  • Jeanette's Showbiz Number (Jeanette)
  • Breeze Off The River (Jerry)
  • The Goods
  • You Walk With Me
  • You Rule My World (Reprise)
  • Let It Go
  • Let's Face It, We Suck (Jeanette)

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