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Funny Girl The Musical

Music by Bob Merrill

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Before & after WWI in New York City.

Fanny Brice overcomes her less-than-perfect looks to become a successful Follies performer. She falls madly in love with Nick Arnstein and marries him, but he proves to have a very bad business sense. Fanny repeatedly loses money by supporting his crazy schemes, and Nick begins to feel that Fanny is patronizing him. When Nick is released from jail after doing time on embezzlement charges, they decide together that their relationship isn't good for either of them and part.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for
Funny Girl

The character of Fanny requires a talented actress/comedienne who can handle both the comedic and dramatic aspects of the role. Fanny's songs require a strong voice to be effectively performed but the characterization should be emphasized more than the singing.

Fanny Brice (Mezzo - low G to high F, light dance, 18 - 30)
The star of the Ziegfeld Follies on Broadway with a wonderful sense of humor. Former "ugly duckling". Barbra Streisand or Patti LuPone type.
Nick Arnstein (Baritone - low E to high E, 25 - 35)
Good-looking but unsuccessful gambler.
Mrs. Brice (Mezzo - low bA to C, 45 - 65)
Fanny's sharp-tongued but sympathetic mother
Eddie (Baritone - low B to high #F, dance, 30 - 50)
a theatre choreographer, Fanny's friend who secretly loves her
Mrs. Strakosh (Mezzo - low b# to D#, 45 - 65)
typical pessimistic Jewish mother, Mrs. Brice's friend and neighbor
Mrs. Meeker (Mezzo - low A# to B)
Mrs. Brice's neighbor
Mrs. O'Malley
Mrs. Brice's neighbor
Heckie (low B to D)
Workman (Baritone - low D to A, 25 - 55)
Jenny (Soprano - low F# to high F)
Mr. Renaldi (Non-singing, 36 - 60)
an agent
Ziegfeld Tenor (Tenor)
Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.

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List of Songs in Funny Girl (Click on the song title to download digital sheet music)

DownloadDownload the complete Funny Girl cast album

  • Fanny
  • If a girl isn't pretty (Mrs. Brice & neighbors)
  • I'm The Greatest Star (Fanny)
  • Cornet man (Fanny)
  • Who taught her everything (Mrs. Brice & Eddie)
  • His love makes me beautiful (Fanny)
  • I want to be seen with you tonight (Nick)
  • Henry Street (chorus)
  • People (Fanny)
  • You are woman (Fanny & Nick)
  • Don't Rain On My Parade (Fanny)
  • Sadie, Sadie (Fanny & chorus)
  • Find yourself a man (Mrs. Brice, Mrs. Strakosh, Eddie)
  • Rat-tat-tat-tat (chorus)
  • Who are you now? (Fanny)
  • The music that makes me dance (Fanny)
  • Roller skate rag
  • The swan
  • Funny girl 
  • I'd rather be blue over you
  • My man 

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