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Hello Dolly! The Musical

Book by Michael Stewart
Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman

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List of Characters in Hello Dolly

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Hello Dolly Karaoke Background Tracks 2 CD Set

Based on The Matchmaker by Thorton Wilder

This is the story of how Mrs. Dolly Levi's manages to marry Horace Vandergelder, with the intention of sending his money circulating among the people like rainwater the way her late husband, Ephraim Levi, taught her. While persuing Horace she also manages to pair up a number of other couples.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for
Hello Dolly!

A large chorus of dancing waiters are required.
Improve your jazz dance skills here.

Mrs. Dolly Levi (Middle-aged)
A lively, generous widow. Carol Channing type.
Horace Vandergelder
well-known, tight-fisted half-a-millionaire. Humiliates himself by chasing a woman too young for him
Widow Irene Molloy (legit voice)
young and beautiful milliner
Cornelius Hackl
Vandergelder's timid head clerk
Barnaby Tucker
Cornelius' extremely timid assistant
Minnie Fay
Mrs. Molloy's assistant
Ambrose Kemper
struggling artist
Mr. Vandergelder's weeping niece
Large men's chorus of dancing waiters.

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Audition Preparation Suggestions

List of Songs in Hello Dolly

  • I Put My Hand In 
  • It Takes a Woman 
  • Put on Your Sunday Clothes  
  • Ribbons Down My Back 
  • Motherhood 
  • Dancing 
  • Before the Parade Passes By
  • Elegance 
  • Hello, Dolly
  • It Only Takes a Moment  
  • So Long Dearie 
  • Finale

Ethel Merman Version - Added Songs

  • World, Take Me Back 
  • Love, Look In My Window

Film Version - Added Songs

  • Just Leave Everything To Me
  • Love Is Only Love 

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