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The Last Five Years The Musical

Jason Robert Brown

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Plot Summary & Audition Notes

List of Characters in The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

The Last Five Years 2002 Off-Broadway Cast Recording

A contemporary song-cycle.

Cathy and Jamie’s relationship has lasted five years. As the story begins, Cathy is at the end of the relationship and Jamie is at the beginning. With inter-cutting scenes, we watch Jamie move forward in time as Cathy moves backward.

"A Miracle Would Happen" is an excellent choice for an audition piece for an edgy contemporary show as it is short, uptempo yet shows off lyrical qualities as well as personality and acting ability. The trick is finding the sheet music, as it is missing from the "Vocal Selections" book.

Catherine Hiatt (Late 20s - Early 30's)
an aspiring performer
Jamie Wellerstein (Late 20's - Early 30's)
a successful novelist, Jewish

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List of Songs in The Last Five Years

  • Still Hurting (Catherine)
  • Shiksa Goddess (Jamie)
  • See I’m Smiling (Catherine)
  • Moving Too Fast (Jamie)
  • I’m A Part Of That (Catherine)
  • The Schmuel Song (Jamie)
  • A Summer In Ohio (Catherine)
  • The Next Ten Minutes (Jamie & Catherine)
  • A Miracle Would Happen (Jamie)
  • When You Come Home To Me (Catherine)
  • Climbing Uphill (Catherine)
  • If I Didn’t Believe In You (Jamie)
  • I Can Do Better Than That (Catherine)
  • Nobody Needs To Know (Jamie)
  • Goodbye Until Tommorrow / I Could Never Rescue You (Jamie & Catherine)

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