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Les Miserables The Musical

Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg
Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer

Les Mis Recommended Resources

Les Mis Plot Summary & Audition Tips

List of Characters in Les Miserables

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Les Miserables 1987 Original Broadway Cast Recording

Les Miserables Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

Les Miserables 1998 Dream Cast In Concert on DVD

Les Miserables Big Note Easy Piano Book

Les MisÚrables - Les MisÚrables Download Les Miserables Cast Album  

Based on the novel by Victor Hugo. A melodramatic look at the French revolution.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for Les Miserables

Audition songs should be a pop-inspired selection from another pop-style musical.

Jean Valjean (Tenor or High Baritone, Low A to high A)
released on parole after 19 years on the chain gang - a man with a kind heart & keen sense of duty
Bishop of Digne (Baritone)
Fantine (Mezzo with belt, Gb3 to Eb5)
 unwed mother of Cosette
Javert (Baritone, Low F to high F#)
Policeman tracking Jean Valjean
Young Cosette (Child Mezzo, low A to C )
orphan left in Valjean's care
Adult Cosette (Soprano, low Bb to high C)
Thenardier (Tenor, low C to G#)
 owner of a tavern, Eponine's father
Madame Thenardier (Mezzo, G#3 to D5)
Eponine Thenardier (Alto/Mezzo Belt, F#3 to E5)
 loves Marius
Marius (Tenor, Low A to high Ab)
 loves Cosette
Gavroche (low B to G)
Street urchin
Enjolras (Tenor, A to high G)
leader of the students
Chorus is made up of the People of Paris, including Street Urchins, Students, and Prostitutes

Les Miserables Related Websites

Les Mis Audition Preparation Materials

List of Songs in Les Miserables (Click the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • Prologue    
  • Valjean's Soliloquy -What Have I Done? (Valjean)
  • At the End of the Day    
  • I Dreamed a Dream  (Fantine)
  • Lovely Ladies    
  • Fantine's Arrest    
  • Runaway Cart    
  • Who Am I?/The Trial  (Valjean)
  • Fantine's Death    
  • Confrontation    
  • Castle on a Cloud (Young Cosette)
  • Master of the House  (The Thenardiers)
  • Bargain-The Waltz of Treachery    
  • Look Down    
  • Robbery-Javert's Intervention (Another Brawl)    
  • Stars
  •  Eponine's Errand    
  • ABC Cafe/Red and Black    
  • Do You Hear the People Sing? (Chorus)
  • Rue Plumet
  • In My Life (Digital Download)   
  • Heart Full of Love  (Cosette & Marius)
  • Attack on Rue Plumet    
  • One Day More
  • At the Barricade (Upon These Stones)    
  • On My Own (Eponine)
  • Building the Barricade    
  • Javert's Arrival    
  • Little People (Gavroche)
  • Little Fall of Rain (Marius & Eponine)
  • Night of Anguish    
  • First Attack    
  • Drink With Me    
  • Bring Him Home (Jean Valjean)  
  • Dawn of Anguish    
  • Second Attack (Death of Gavrobe)    
  • Final Battle    
  •  Sewers - Dog Eats Dog    
  • Javert's Suicide    
  • Turning
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables (Marius)
  • Every Day (Marius and Cosette)    
  • Valjean's Confession    
  • Wedding Chorale/Beggars at the Feast    
  • Epilogue - Finale

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