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Little Shop of Horrors The Musical

Music by Alan Menken
Book & Lyrics by Howard Ashman

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A "venus fly trap" named Audrey2 is found and cultivated by an insecure botanist in a flowershop. Seymour appreciates the attention it attracts because he is trying to impress Audrey, the girl he loves. When Audrey2 develops a carnivorous appetite, Seymour finds himself feeding the plant human flesh, and the situation spins out of control.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for Little Shop Of Horrors

Although the characters in Little Shop of Horrors may seem stereotypical, they have potential to be much more and need to be played with depth and sincerity. Make sure you show this ability in the audition.

Seymour Krelbourn (tenor / high baritone, 20s, Low A - high G)
Insecure, naive florist clerk. Sweet and well-meaning. Secretly in love with Audrey.
Audrey (Soprano, 18 - 30, Low A - high D)
Sweet, vulnerable, insecure version of a "dumb blond." Very bad self-image. Dreams of a "picket fence" life.
Mr. Mushnik (Low G to High Eb, 35 - 50)
Owner of an East Side florist shop. Nasty at first, then obsequious.
Audrey II (Bass, age unimportant)
Voice of the big, scary plant. Motown-type sound.
Orin (Baritone/Bass, 20 - 35)
A sadistic, pretty-boy dentist. Egotistical and chauvanistic. Looks like a greaser, thinks like an insurance salesman, and talks like a radio announcer.
Crystal, Ronnette, & Chiffon (mezzo, 16 -25)
three teenage (traditionally African-American) street urchins who provide a running commentary on the action. Must be capable of holding harmonies.

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