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Little Women The Musical

Music by Jason Howland
Book by Allan Knee

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Little Women Plot Summary & Audition Notes

List of Characters in Little Women

2005 Original Broadway Cast Recording

Little Women Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

DownloadLittle Women (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Download The Album Now! 

Based on the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott, but the focus is centered on Jo.

Post- Civil War Massachusetts.

All four March Sisters MUST be able to hold tight harmonies.

Jo March (Mezzo with belt, 16-25)
a writer, very spirited, strong-willed, tomboyish - a very liberal woman in her time. A large role requiring both comedic & dramatic skill.
Meg March (Lyric soprano, 18-27)
The eldest daughter and the beauty of the family - a romantic who wants more from life than just working as a governess. Struggles to fit into society despite her family's poverty.
Amy March (Soprano, 14-23)
Often played by a woman of "limited stature" so that she is able to play both 12-year-old and adult versions of Amy. A willful girl who is not content to be the "baby" of the family. A painter. Pretentious and spoiled, and quite the firecracker.
Beth March (Light soprano, 15-24)
Nervous and shy on the outside but has an inner strength. A musician. Devoted to duty and social caring for others, even at the expense of her health.
Marmee (Alto/Mezzo)
Mother to Jo, Meg, Amy, & Beth. A compassionate, strong woman who cares deeply about her children and her community. With her husband away serving in the Civil War, and with her family struggling with poverty, she must use every ounce of her strength to live day to day.
Aunt March (Mezzo)
The pretentious, crotchety, & difficult matriarch of the family. Widowed, wealthy and willing to try anything to maintain her influence over Marmee and her girls. Strong character role.
The boy next door. He and Jo become best friends, and help each other remain committed to their dreams. Charming neighbor; clever, intelligent, bighearted. Strong tenor: must be able to sing to high B-flat (must play early to mid twenties).
Mr. Brooke (Baritone, late 20s)
Laurie's tutor. Slightly shy, slightly awkward, completely entranced with Meg.
Mr. Laurence (Baritone)
Laurie's grandfather and guardian, determined to make Laurie forget his own dreams and join the family business. His gruff, opinionated exterior hides the inevitable heart of gold. Mature man, stiff curmudgeon.
Professor Bhaer (Baritone, 35-45).
Fatherly mentor, respected philosophy professor. Silently loves Jo and announces his love for her at the end of the show.

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List of Songs in Little Women (Click the song title to download digital sheet music)


DownloadLittle Women (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Download The Album Now! 

  • Overture
  • An Operatic Tragedy
  • Better
  • Our Finest Dreams
  • Here Alone (Marmie)
  • Could You?
  • I'd Be Delighted
  • Take A Chance On Me
  • Off To Massachusetts
  • Five Forever
  • More Than I Am
  • Astonishing (Jo) audition
  • The Weekly Volcano Press
  • How I Am
  • Some Things Are Meant To Be
  • The Most Amazing Thing
  • Days Of Plenty (Marmie)
  • The Fire Within Me
  • Small Umbrella In The Rain
  • Sometimes When You Dream (Reprise)

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