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Meet Me In St. Louis The Musical

Book by Hugh Wheeler
Music by Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane

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List of Characters in Meet Me In St. Louis

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Meet Me in St. Louis

Audition Preparation Suggestions

If auditioners are unable to find a suitable audition song from the Martin/Blane repertoire, they might consider looking at music by George Gershwin, as he was one of Hugh Martin's greatest influences.

Mr. Alonso Smith (baritone, 40ish)
father and lawyer,
Mrs. Anna Smith (soprano, 40ish )
good and loving mother
Lon Smith (tenor, 19)
good-looking Princeton freshman
Rose Smith (soprano, 17-18)
beautiful and chic
Esther Smith (mezzo, 16-17)
lively and attractive - Judy Garland type
Agnes Smith (10-12)
tomboyish, must sing well
Tootie Smith (6 years old)
bright, must sing well
Grandpa Prophater (60's-70's)
Mrs. Smith's father, Civil War vet
Katie (mezzo, Irish accent, 30+)
the Smith's cook and housemaid
John Truitt (tenor, 16-18)
athletic boy-next-door
Warren Sheffield (baritone, 18-22)
Rose's suitor
Lucille Ballard (18 or 19)
sophisticated and charming
approx. 10-15 teens 13-18 and early 20's for the singing and dancing ensemble and to fill in some small roles

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List of Songs in Meet Me In St. Louis

DownloadMeet Me In St. Louis (Original Broadway Cast) - Download The Album Now!

  • Meet Me In St. Louis
  • The Boy Next Door (Esther) Audition Pick
  • Skip To My Lou
  • The Trolley Song
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  • Be Anything At All But A Boy
  • Banjos
  • The Luck Of The Irish

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