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Paint Your Wagon The Musical (1951)

Music by: Frederick Loewe
Book & Lyrics by: Alan Jay Lerner

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Paint Your Wagon Original Broadway Cast Rec.

The California Wilderness, 1853. Jennifer finds gold, and the town of Rumson is born. Four hundred men arrive, and Jennifer is the only woman. She falls in love with Julio, but he leaves on a prospecting quest, and she leaves for finishing school. Eventually they are reunited.

Do not use the movie version to judge the stage version. It bares only a vague resemblance to the original script.

The published script is quite slow, so is often cut down.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for
Paint Your Wagon

Light dancing is required: square-dancing, etc.

Ben Rumson (Baritone)
Widowed resident of a gold rush town. Crusty but loveable. Lee Marvin type.
Jennifer Rumson (Alto, 16 - 20)
Ben's daughter, in love with Julio. First innocent, then sophisticated.
Julio Valveras (Tenor)
an ambitious Mexican miner, in love with Jennifer
Edgar Crocker
Jacob Woodling (Baritone)
a Mormon with two wives searching for a place to settle down after being chased out of every other town in America
Sarah Woodling (limited range)
(and her baby)
Elizabeth (limited range)
The second of Jacob's wives who is sold to Ben. Falls in love with Edgar Crocker.
Jake and Cherry Whippany
owners of a dancing hall
Other inhabitants of the mining town - 6F/8M minimum

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List of Songs in Paint Your Wagon (Click the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • I'm On My Way (male chorus)
  • Rumson Town (male chorus)
  • Whats Going On Here? (Jennifer)
  • I Talk To The Trees (Julio)
  • They Call The Wind Mariah
  • I Still See Elisa (Ben)
  • How Can I Wait (Jennifer)
  • Trio (Jacob, Sarah, Elizabeth)
  • In Between (Ben)
  • Whoop-Ti-Ay (male chorus)
  • Carino Mio (Julio)
  • Theres a Coach Coming In (male chorus)
  • Hand Me Down That Can Of Beans (chorus)
  • Rope Dance
  • Can Can
  • Another Autumn (Julio)
  • Movin' (male chorus)
  • All for Him (Jennifer)
  • Wand'rin Star (Ben)
  • Sh! (dropped from the NY Opening)

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