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The Pajama Game The Musical (1954)

Music & Lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
Book by George Abbott and Richard Bissell

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Pajama Game 1954 Original Broadway Cast Rec.

Based on the novel 7 1/2 cents by Richard Bissell

Pajama Game is set in the 1950s in a pajama factory. The new manager finds himself falling for the union leader, but at the same time finds himself at odds with her as they are in the middle of a labour dispute over a 7 1/2 cent raise.

While the music in this show is very catchy and had several successes on the pop charts, it is also quite simple and easy to learn. The vocal ranges are limited, however the roles of Babe and Sid do require melodic voices. The real difficulty in staging this show is the amount of dance numbers.

Audition Suggestions for Pajama Game

Many of the characters in Pajama Game must be able to jazz/tap dance well. There is also a dance chorus.

Most of the major roles (with the exception of Sid and Babe) are comedic, so demonstrating comic ability in the audition is essential.

Sid Sorokin (Legit Baritone)
Handsome superintendent. Ted Danson type.
Babe Williams (Legit Mezzo)
Feisty union head.
Hines (Baritone, comic role)
Funny time-study man with a jealous streak
Gladys (Character Alto, dance)
Quick-witted bookeeper. A heavy dance role.
Prez (Character Tenor)
Union president, chases women even though he is married. Walter Matthau type.
Company president.
Mabel (Alto)
Elder secretary
Male workers.
Mae, Brenda, Poopsie
Babe's agreeable father
Chorus of Workers
Dancers and Singers
Chorus and Smaller Roles: 8M/8F

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List of Songs in Pajama Game (Click the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • The Pajama Game - opening (Hines)
  • Racing With The Clock (Workers)
  • A New Town Is A Blue Town (Sid)
  • I'm Not At All In Love (Babe & Girls)
  • I'll Never Be Jealous Again (Hines & Mabel)
  • Hey There (Sid)
  • Her Is (Prez & Gladys)
  • Sleep tite (Workers)
  • Once A Year -Day (Sid & Workers)\
  • Her Is Reprise (Prez & Mae)
  • Small Talk (Sid & Babe)
  • There Once Was a Man (Sid & Babe)
  • Slow down (Workers)
  • Finale act 1 (hey there)
  • Steam Heat (Gladys & 2 men)
  • Hey There Reprise (Babe)
  • Think Of the Time I Save (Hines)
  • Hernando's Hideaway (Gladys)
  • Seven And A Half Cents (Prez, Babe, & Workers)
  • The Pajama Game (Company)
  • Seven And A Half Cents reprise (Company)

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