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Pal Joey The Musical (1940)

Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Lorenz Hart, Book by John O'Hara

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Pal Joey 1995 Original New York Cast Recording

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DownloadPal Joey (1995 Original New York Cast Recording) - Download the Album Now! 

Based on a series of writings for The New Yorker by John O'Hara.

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Joey Evans (Baritone, early 30s)
A smooth-talking nightclub emcee with a reputation as a con-man and a skirt-chaser. Shows flashes of sensitive feelings.
Gladys Bumps (Mezzo/Alto)
A bored night club singer/dancer, with little in life to excite her. An old and scheming friend of Lowell's.
Linda English (Soprano)
Joey's naive girlfriend, both sensible and headstrong, innocent and vulnerable. She has a soft spot for Joey from the first moment.
Mrs. Vera Simpson (Soprano, 30s)
A former stripper who married into wealth. A world-weary thirty-something flirt who is bored with marriage and prefers dating younger men.
Melba Snyder (Alto)
A hack reporter from the Herald. Quick on the uptake and fast-talking. Anything-for-a-good-story type.
Ludlow Lowell
Gladys' boyfriend, a phoney agent. A ruthless crooked 'artist's representative', he will do anything to get a piece of someone else's money
Mike Spears
A stoutish man in his early forties, a regular club-manager type who tends to panic about empty houses.
Floor-show director. A hard man when things need to be organised.
Commissioner O'Brien
Commissioner of Police and an old friend of Vera's.

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List of Songs in Pal Joey (Click song title to download digital sheet music)

DownloadPal Joey (1995 Original New York Cast Recording) - Download the Album Now! 

  • You Musn't Kick It Around
  • I Could Write A Book
  • Chicago A Great Big Town
  • That terrific rainbow
  • What is a man
  • Happy hunting horn
  • Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered (Vera)
  • Pal Joey
  • Flower garden in my heart
  • Zip 
  • Plant you now, dig you later
  • In Our Little Den of Inequity (Vera & Joey)
  • Do it the hard way 
  • Take him 

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