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Parade The Musical

Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Book by Alfred Uhry

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List of Characters in Parade

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Parade Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

Parade Original Broadway Cast Recording

Parade is the sombre reenactment of actual events that occured in Atlanta, Georgia in 1913.

Although Leo Frank was convicted of the murder of Mary Phagan, there were many who viewed his conviction as based on anti-sematism rather than evidence. While originally sentenced to death, Leo's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment by Georgia's Governer. Within 2 months of Leo receiving the commuted sentence, he was lynched - dragged from the prison and hung from a tree.

This show reflects Alfred Uhry's personal view that Jim Conley, the factory's janitor, was the actual killer.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for

This show features characters of a specific ethnicity.

Leo Frank
A Jewish pencil factory manager from Brooklyn
Lucille Frank
Leo's wife
Mary Phagan
a factory girl, murdered at the beginning of the show
Newt Lee
A black night watchman who finds Mary's body
Jim Conley (27)
a black janitor at the factory
Judge Roan
Governor Slaton
governor of Georgia
J. B. Adams
Frank's attorney
Hugh Dorsey
ambitious prosecutor
Tom Watson
satanic newspaper publisher
Fiddlin' John, Frankie Epps, Britt Craig, Mrs Phagan

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List of Songs in Parade

  • All The Wasted Time (Leo & Lucille)
  • How Can I Call This Home? (Leo)
  • Do It Alone (Lucille)
  • The Old Red Hills of Home
  • The Dream Of Atlanta
  • The Picture Show
  • Leo At Work / What Am I Waiting Fore?
  • Interrogation: I Am Trying To Remember
  • Big News
  • Watson's Lullaby
  • Somethin' Ain't Right
  • That's What He Said (Newt Lee)
  • Real Big News
  • You Don't Know This Man Audition Pick
  • It Goes On And On
  • A Rumblin' And A Rollin'
  • Pretty Music
  • Letter To The Governor
  • This Is Not Over Yet
  • Feel The Rain Fall
  • Where Will YOU Stand When The Flood Comes
  • There Is A Fountain / It Don't Make Sense

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