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Peter Pan The Musical

Music by Moose Churlap, Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
Additional Music & Lyrics by Jule Styne, Betty Comden, Adolph Green

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Based on Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie



Peter Pan
high energy, athletic, commanding, yet sensitive leader of the lost boys. Usually played by a woman.
Wendy Darling
very pleasant and charming girl who takes on role of "mother" to the lost boys
John Darling
bookish middle child - has always dreamed of being in a big adventure
Michael Darling
typical youngest child - doesn't want to miss what everyone else is doing
Mr. Darling
A stern and unimaginative but loving father.
Mrs. Darling
gentle and caring mother
Captain Hook
delightfully evil character & nemesis to Peter  
Captain Hook's right hand man - comedic character in direct contrast to Hook in appearance and physical stature
Tiger Lily (dancer)
cute, perky, willful leader of Indians
pleasant Darling family maid - dancer - travels to Neverland
Nana (non-speaking)
very expressive and central to the Darling household
Wendy's daughter - reminiscent of Wendy in appearance and manner - appears in the final scene to return to Neverland with Peter
Lost Boys, Pirates, Indians

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List of Songs in Peter Pan

  • Overture, Prologue, Tender Shepherd, Peterís Entrance 
  • I've Gotta Crow (Peter)
  • Tinkerbell 
  • Neverland (Peter)
  • I'm Flying (Peter) 
  • Pirate March (The Pirates)
  • Princely Scheme (The Pirates)
  • Indian Dance
  • Shooting of Wendy
  • Wendy  (The Lost Boys)
  • Another Princely Scheme (The Pirates)
  • I Won't Grow Up (The Lost Boys)
  • Pantomine Intro, Mysterious Lady
  • Home Underground 
  • Indian's Ugh-A-Wug (The Indians)
  • Getting Ready for Bed 
  • Lullabye-Distant Melody (Peter)
  • Fight Underground
  • Kidnapping
  • Tink's Recovery
  • Pirate March-Crossover
  • Ship Opening
  • Soliloquy, Captain Hook 
  • Ship-After Cavotte 
  • After Cavotte 
  • Crow Reprise  (Peter)
  • Tender Shepherd (Wendy)
  • Grow Up Reprise (Peter)
  • 3rd Nursery Peter's Enterance
  • Final Neverland (Peter takes Jane), Exit Music

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