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The Phantom Of The Opera The Musical

Lyrics By: Charles Hard & Richard Stilgoe, Music By: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Book by: Richard Stilgoe & Andrew Lloyd Weber

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Plot Summary & Audition Tips

List of Characters in The Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera Karaoke Background Tracks CD

The Complete Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of The Opera Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

The Phantom of The Opera 1986 Original London Cast Recording

Phantom of the Opera 1962 Film Version


Based on the novel, The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for The Phantom of The Opera

The music in Phantom of the Opera, not surprisingly, is very operettic. Experience in opera would be ideal, but classical vocal training is essential.

Erik/The Phantom (Dark High Baritone/Tenor)
Disfigured composer and murderer who lives under the theater and is in love with Christine.
Christine Dae (Operatic Soprano/Coloratura)
A young singer, recently orphaned. Childhood friend of Raoul.
Raoul (Tenor)
A patron of the Opera and childhood friend of Christine. He falls in love with Christine when he sees her on stage.
Monsieur Firmin
One of the new opera managers.
Monsieur André
The other opera manager.
Carlotta (Soprano)
The soprano diva. The stereotypical prima donna.
Piangi (Tenor)
The opera tenor.
Madame Giry
The ballet mistress.
Meg Giry (ballet dancer)
A ballet dancer, daughter of Mme. Giry, Christine's friend

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Audition Preparation Suggestions

List of Songs The Phantom Of The Opera (Click on the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • Think of Me (Carlotta, Christine, Raoul) 
  • Angel of Music (Christine and Meg) 
  • Little Lotte/The Mirror (Raoul, Christine, Phantom)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (Phantom and Christine)
  • The Music of the Night (Phantom)
  • I Remember/Stranger Than You Dream It (Christine and Phantom) 
  • Magical Lasso (Buquet, Meg, Madame Giry and Ballet Girls)
  • Notes (Firmin, Andre, Raoul, Carlotta, Giry, Meg, Piangi, and Phantom)
  • Prima Donna (Firmin, Andre, Raoul, Carlotta, Giry, Meg, Piangi, and Phantom)
  • Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh (Carlotta and Company)
  • Why Have You Brought Me Here/Raoul, I've Been There (Raoul and Christine)
  • All I Ask of You (Raoul and Christine) 
  • All I Ask of You (reprise) (Phantom) 
  • Masquerade (Full Company)
  • Why So Silent (Full Company) 
  • Notes/Twisted Every Way (Andre, Firmin, Carlotta, Piangi, Raoul, Christine, Giry and Phantom)
  • Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Christine)
  • Wandering Child/Bravo, Bravo (Phantom, Christine and Raoul)
  • The Point of No Return (Phantom and Christine) video
  • Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer (Full Company)
  • The Fairground (from 'The Phantom Of The Opera') - Sheet Music (Digital Download)

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