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Pipe Dream The Musical (1955)

Book and Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II, Music: Richard Rodger

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List of Characters in Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream (1955 Original Broadway Cast)

Pipe Dream Sheet Music

Pipe Dream is a musical adaptation of John Steinbeck's book Cannery Row. It has the distinction of being Rodgers and Hammerstein's only financial failure.

Pipe Dream, with its cast of longshoremen and "ladies of the evening," is a poignant story about friendship and romance among the loners and runaways who gravitate to the wharf in Monterey, California.

Doc (Baritone)
Doc's girlfriend
Suzy (Soprano, 21)
pretty but extremely outspoken young runaway with a surface hardness and abrasive quality
Hazel (Baritone/Bass)
Doc's burly, slow-witted male helper
Mac (Tenor)
Doc's friend
Fauna (Operatic Soprano)
the warm-hearted manager of the Bear Flag Cafe
Jim Blaikey (Baritone)
a plain-clothes cop
the Mexican man who owns the flophouse
Joe's friend, a trumpet player
Chorus and Smaller Roles: 6F/10M minimum

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List of Songs in Pipe Dream

  • All kinds of people (Doc)
  • The tide pool
  • Everybody's got a home but me (Suzy)
  • A lopsided bus (chorus)
  • Bums' opera (chorus)
  • The man I used to be (Doc)
  • Sweet thursday (Fauna)
  • Suzy is a good thing (Fauna & Suzy)
  • All at once (Doc)
  • The happiest house on the block (Female Chorus)
  • The party that we're gonna have tomorrow night (chorus)
  • Will you marry me? (Suzy, Doc & Fauna)
  • Thinkin' (Hazel)
  • How long? (chorus)
  • The next time it happens

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