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Pippin The Musical

Music by Stephen Schwartz
Book by Roger O. Hirson.

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Plot Summary & Audition Notes

List of Characters in Pippin

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Pippin Vocal Selections (Sheet Music)

Pippin Complete Vocal Score

Pippin Original Cast Recording

Film Version of Pippin on DVD


Based on The story of Pippin, son of Charlemagne.

All performers must be competent singers and dancers.

Suggestions for Auditioning for Pippin

Music is folk-influenced. Those performers auditioning for the role of Pippin might consider a John Denver ballad for their audition song.

Leading Player (Male or Female, baritone or mezzo to high G)
dynamic, mysterious, magnetic master of ceremonies
Pippin (tenor)
Earnest, attractive, stubborn, misguided son of Charlemagne. Struggles with the burdon of his father's identity while unable to find his own purpose in the world. Wide-eyed and unsatisfied with life.
Fastrada (mezzo)
Pippin's conniving step-mother, dedicated to the career of her son, Lewis
Catherine (mezzo)
an attractive, sharp woman. a widow.
King Charles Charlemagne (baritone/bass)
military, imposing, arrogant, not too bright. Pippin's father, but too preoccupied to pay much attention to him
Lewis (Baritone, comic role)
Pippin's foppish stepbrother - annoying, egotistical
Berthe (Mezzo)
Pippin's saucy Grandmother
Theo (Boy Soprano)
Catherine's 8-year-old Son
The Head, Beggar, Peasant, Noble, Field Marshall.

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Audition Preparation Materials

List of Songs in Pippin (Click on the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • Magic to do  
  • Corner Of The Sky 
  • Welcome home  
  • War is a science  
  • Before battle prayer  
  • Glory - 3 parts
  • Corner of the sky reprise/ Simple joys
  • No Time At All (Berthe)  
  • With you - 3 parts
  • Bad news cues 
  • Pippin the politico/Spread a little sunshine  
  • Morning glow  
  • Charles resurrection
  • The right track   
  • There he was   
  • I Guess I'll Miss the Man
  • Kind of woman  
  • Extraordinary
  • Prayer for a duck (Pippin)
  • Intro into bed/ Bed music/ Love song   

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