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Pirates of Penzance The Operetta

Gilbert & Sullivan

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List of Characters in Pirates of Penzance

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FREDERIC (Tenor, 21)
He is young, manly, genuine and an innocent. Frederic is funny because he is so sincerely trying to do the honorable thing. He has great verve and energy, is out-going unaffected, and honest. Unself-conscious sex appeal is essential.
MABEL (Soprano, 17 - 20)
very much a young woman of the 19th century. An out-front, uncovered, natural, expressive voice with excellent, unaffected diction is essential.
PIRATE KING (Baritone, 30s)
A whole-hearted romantic, a member of the peerage who has gone native, so to speak. He's the King, no doubt, because its his ship. He is hurt and dumbfounded that Frederic would leave the romantic life for "respectability."
MAJOR-GENERAL (Baritone, 40s-50s)
Quirky, warm, and good-humored.
RUTH (Mezzo-Soprano, 50s)
A proper English nanny. She has raised her young charge, Frederic, to be a polite, honorable, and respectable gentleman.
Mabel's sister, proper, pleasant, bright
Another sister, proper, young, snappy
Another sister, like the others
King's right-hand man, not awfully bright
Gangly police captain, stiff yet agile
The more individual and vivid each daughter is, the better. Big, legitimate voices are essential (there are more Pirates and Police than Daughters, and they have to balance them out in vocal power).

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