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Rent The Musical

Music, Book, & Lyrics by Jonathan Larson
Additional Lyrics & Concept by Billy Aronson

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Inspired by Puccini's opera La Boheme, Rent is a gritty show, rich in profanity and mature themes.

Sadly, Jonathan Larson died of an aneurysm before he had a chance to see Rent open on Broadway, so there are few other works by this composer. Tick, Tick, Boom! was mounted after his death.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for Rent

This show features characters of a specific ethnicity.

Rent's music is a blend of rock, pop, & gospel and very reflective of the '90s. You should not use a song from Rent unless you are auditioning for another show with rock-style music.

Rent The Movie

Mark Cohen (Caucasian, 20s)
An aspiring Jewish film-maker. Never leaves home without a camera. Roger's best friend and caregiver. Casually narrates the show.
Roger Davis (Grunge Rock, up to Ab, plays guitar, 20s)
Struggling musician who discovered he had AIDS in a note his girlfriend left when she dumped him. A recovering drug addict. Extremely depressed untill he meets Mimi. Sexy, young, good looking leader of a rock band. Brooding and aggressive with a gentle side.
Mimi Marquez (Rock voice with high belt, Latina, 20s)
Benny's ex-girlfriend, now in love with Roger. A dancer in a sex show, a heroin addict with AIDS. Extremely sexy, optimistic, likeable but with dark secrets.
Benny Coffin III (Pop baritone/tenor, African American, 20s)
Married to Alison Grey, from the rich Wesport family (she is never seen on stage). He used to live with Mark and Roger, but is now their landlord.
Maureen Johnson (Soul voice, Caucasian, 20s)
Mark's drama queen ex-girlfriend. An actress and Joanne's new girlfriend. Young, spunky, quirky & funny. Innocently sexy.
Joanne Jefferson (High rock belt, African-American)
A lawyer and Maureen's girlfriend. Smart, mature, wry humour, politically connected.
Tom Collins (Low blues Baritone, African American)
Old friend and roomate of Mark and Roger. Computer teacher/philosopher & AIDS activist. Angel's boyfriend. AIDS. Mature, warm, strong, and open personality.
Angel Schunard (High Tenor/Falsetto, Latino/Asian, 20s)
A street-dummer drag queen with a heart of gold. He loves wearing dresses he makes. He also has AIDS. Key line: "I'm more of a man than you'll ever be and more of a woman than you'll ever get."

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DownloadRent (1996 Original Broadway Cast) - Download The Album Now! 

  • Tune Up / Voice Mail #1
  • Rent (Roger & Mark)
  • You Okay Honey? (Angel)
  • One Song Glory (Roger)
  • Light My Candle (Mimi)
  • Voice Mail #2 (JoAnne's Parents)
  • Today 4 U (Angel)
  • You'll See (Benny)
  • Tango: Maureen (Mark & JoAnne)
  • Life Support
  • Out Tonight (Mimi) video
  • Another Day (Mimi & Support Group)
  • Will I?
  • On The Street
  • Sante Fe (Mark, Angel, & Collins)
  • I'll Cover You (Angel & Collins)
  • We're Okay (JoAnne)
  • Christmas Bells (Vendors)
  • Over The Moon (Maureen)
  • La Vie Boheme
  • I Should Tell You (Mimi & Roger)
  • Seasons of Love
  • Happy New Year
  • Voice Mail #3 (Mark's Mom, Alexi)
  • Take Me Or Leave Me (Maureen & JoAnne)
  • Without You (Mimi)
  • Voice Mail #4 (Alexi)
  • Contact (Angel)
  • I'll Cover You, Reprise (Collins)
  • Halloween (Mark)
  • Goodbye Love (Mimi)
  • What You Own (Mark)
  • Voice Mail #5 (Parents)
  • YOUR EYES (Roger)

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