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The Secret Garden The Musical

Lyrics & Book By: Marsha Norman
Music By: Lucy Simon

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downloadDownload the Secret Garden complete Cast Album

The Secret Garden is a musical based on the classic children's novel The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Mary Lennox is a rich, spoiled child who finds herself suddenly an orphan when cholera wipes out the entire Indian village where she was living with her parents. She is sent to live in England with her only surviving relative, an uncle who has lived an unhappy life since the death of his wife 10 years ago. Archibald's son, Colin, has been ignored by his father who sees Colin only as the cause of his wife's death.

This is essentially the story of three lost, unhappy souls who, together, learn how to live again while bringing Colin's mother's garden back to life.

Audition Preparation Suggestions for
The Secret Garden

This is a difficult show to perform, both vocally and in characterization. Mary, in particular, must be a very strong performer. The child roles will often by double cast.

No dance training is required.

This show features characters of a specific ethnicity.

Mary Lennox (vocal training, dialect coachable, 10)
Spoiled, stubborn orphan. Softens over time.
Archibald Craven (Tenor, 35 - 45)
Mary's wealthy, withdrawn, crippled uncle and guardian.
Colin Craven (unchanged voice, Age 10)
Archibald's "supposedly" crippled, isolated son.
Lily Craven (lyric soprano, 25 - 35)
Archibald's dead wife, appearing as a ghost.
Dr. Neville Craven (Baritone, 25 - 40)
Archibald's mean, secretive brother. Also in love with Lily and very jealous that his "crippled" brother won her love.
Martha (Mezzo, Yorkshire dialect, 16 - 25)
Mary's chambermaid. Spunky, high spirited, overwhelmingly optimistic, holistic and mystical.
Dickon (Tenor, Yorkshire dialect, 16 - 25)
Martha's brother. Loves the outdoors and has a special bond with animals.
Rose (Mezzo, 18 - 35)
Sister to Lily, mother to Mary. Seen first as Mary's uncaring mother, then in ghostly form.
Albert (Tenor)
Rose's husband and Mary's father, a military man, who also returns as a ghost. The only person that really loved Mary.
Ben Weatherstaff (Baritone character voice, Yorkshire dialect, 40+)
Keeper of the Garden. Crotchety older man who befriends Mary.
Mrs. Medlock (Non-singing, 30+)
Housekeeper at the Craven residence. Mean. Sharp. Pinch lipped.
Ayah (alto)
Mary's nanny in India
Other Characters: Chorus of Adult Ghosts, Mrs. Winthrope (school mistress), Fakir (high tenor),


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Audition Preparation Materials

List of Songs in The Secret Garden (Click on the song title for digital sheet music)

downloadDownload the Secret Garden complete Cast Album

  • Opening Dream
  • There's A Girl
  • The House Upon A Hill
  • A Girl In the Valley
  • Lily's Eyes (Archibald)
  • The Girl I Mean To Be (Mary)
  • If I Had A Fine White Horse (Martha)
  • Come To My Garden (Lily)
  • I Hear Someone Crying
  • Come Spirit, Come Charm
  • A Bit of Earth
  • Letter Song
  • Where In the World
  • How Could I Ever Know? (Lily)

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