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State Fair The Musical

Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II , Book by Tom Briggs & Louis Mattioli

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State Fair Sheet Music (Vocal Selections)

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State Fair


State Fair was originally written by Rodgers & Hammerstein as a film, and later the book was re-written to make it suitable for the stage. The information here refers to the stage version.

It is late Summer 1946 on the Frake family farm in Brunswick, Iowa. The Frakes are preparing to leave for the Iowa State Fair. Father, Abel, is confident his prize boar, Blue Boy, will win a blue ribbon, but neighbour, Dave Miller, isn't so sure. He makes a $5 bet that something is bound to go wrong for at least one member of the family. Abel accepts the bet. Abel's wife, Melissa, has her heart set on a blue ribbon for her mincemeat. Son, Wayne, is disappointed that his girlfriend has to stay at home. Daughter, Margy, is feeling down and doesn't understand why. Her suitor, Harry, pressures her for an answer to his long-standing marriage proposal; she agrees to give him an answer when she returns home.

Abel Frake
Melissa Frake
Abel's wife, Margie & Wayne's mother
Margie Frake
Wayne Frake
Pat Gilbert
a newspaper reporter
Emily Edwards
a sophisticated band singer
the Frake's hired man
Dave Miller
the local storekeeper
Wayne's girlfriend
Margy's boyfriend
a cooch dancer
a cooch dancer
Uncle Sam, Fair Announcer, Midway Cow, Midway Pig, 'l'he Houp-La Barker, Emily Arden, The Astounding Stralenko Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville, Pat Gilbert, a newspaper reporter, Charlie, a newspaper photographer, Lem, a farmer, Clay, a farmer, Hank Munson, a farmer, The Chief of Police, Violet, his daughter, The Fairtones, Judge Heppenstahl

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List of Songs in State Fair (Click the song title to download digital sheet music)

  • Opening (Our State Fair) * - Abel Frake, Melissa Frake, Wayne Frake
  • It Might As Well Be Spring * - Margy Frake
  • Driving at Night - Abel Frake, Melissa Frake, Wayne Frake, Margy Frake
  • Our State Fair (reprise) - Ensemble
  • That's For Me * - Wayne Frake
  • More Than Just a Friend (Sweet Hog of Mine) (Lyrics by Richard Rodgers) ** - Abel Frake, Hank Munson, Clay
  • Isn't It Kinda Fun? * - Pat Gilbert, Margy Frake
  • You Never Had It So Good - Emily Arden, the Fairtones
  • It Might As Well Be Spring (reprise) - Margy Frake
  • When I Go Out Walking With My Baby - Abel Frake, Melissa Frake
  • So Far (from ALLEGRO) - Wayne Frake, Emily Arden
  • It's a Grand Night for Singing * - Company
  • The Man I Used To Be (from PIPE DREAM) - Pat Gilbert, Vivian, Jeanne
  • All I Owe Iowaý * - Abel Frake, Company
  • The Man I Used To Be (reprise) - Pat Gilbert
  • Isn't It Kinda Fun? (reprise) - Margy Frake
  • That's the Way It Happens (from ME & JULIET) - Emily Arden, the Fairtones
  • Boys and Girls Like You and Me - Abel Frake, Melissa Frake
  • The Next Time It Happens (from PIPE DREAM) - Margy Frake

    * Songs included in the original 1945 film.
    ** Song Written for the 1962 film.

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