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West Side Story The Musical

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by Arthur Laurents

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West Side Story

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story set in the New York City slums. The lovers belong to rival gangs (ethnically based) who appose their union. After a fight between the Jets and the Sharks, Tony ends up killing Maria's brother, Bernardo. Bitter over losing Maria's love and the death of Bernardo, Maria's Puerto Rican suitor, Chino, shoots Tony dead.

Audition Preparation Suggestions
For West Side Story

West Side Story relies heavily on it's choreography and requires a high degree of dance skill in both jazz and/or ballet as well as overall athletic ability from all characters except for Doc, Gladhand, and the policemen.

This show features characters of a specific ethnicity. See our list of other shows with characters of particular ethnicities to aid in the search for audition material.

Tony (lyric baritone or tenor to Bb, light dancing, 18-25)
young, self-assured, passionate yet gentle Polish-American, Riff's best friend and former Jet leader
Maria (legit soprano to high C, light dancing, 15 - 20)
nubile and sweet sister of the Shark leader, Bernardo. Newly arrived from Puerto Rico, she is enthusiastic about her new life but obedient towards her brother
Lt. Schrank and Officer Krupke (any voice types)
The policemen who investigate & attempt to prevent gang violence.
Riff (Tenor to F, 17 - 25)
the hot-headed yet intelligent leader of the Jets 
Bernardo (Baritone to E, 18 - 29)
Brooding leader of the Sharks and Maria's older brother. Has a cool exterior but burns inside with passion and anger.
Anita (Alto/Mezzo, F below C to D5, 18 - 29)
Bernardo's girlfriend, works with Maria in the bridal shop. Fiery yet compassionate, strong, sensual, intense, protective, outspoken.
Chino (any voice type, some dance, 18 - 25)
a quiet, intense member of the Sharks - Maria's jealous and crazed suitor
Doc (Non-singing, 40 - 60)
long-suffering proprietor of the drugstore - capable of both dramatic and comic scenes
Baby John (Baritone F4 - F5, 14 - 19)
Youngest Jet and "scardicat"
Anybodys (Any voice type, 16 - 25)
a misunderstood and unaccepted tomboy who dreams of becoming a Jet
Gladhand (any voice type, 30 - 55)
A nervous social worker
Action (Baritone C4 - F5, 16-25)
A Jet who acts first and thinks later
Diesel (Baritone E4 - F5, 16 -25)
a physically imposing member of the Jets
Arab (Baritone F4 - F5, 16 - 25)
a homeless Jet with an alchoholic father
Rosalia (Mezzo A3 to D5, 16 - 25)
Consuela (Mezzo C4 - F5, 16 - 25)
Velma & Graziella (any voice type, 16 - 23)
Other gang members and their girlfriends

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DownloadWest Side Story (Original Broadway Cast) - Download The Album Now! 

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