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Teach Yourself To Tap Dance
A variety of tap related info, including a large reference section.
A Tap Dictionary
An explanation of tap steps with instructions to complete them. Also includes a number of steps not specific to tap.

Learn Tap Dance Books

The Tap Dance Dictionary
"There aren't many TAP dictionaries out there, and out of the few I know of, this one is an asset to have by my side in my dance studio. It has clear definitions and explanations on how to perform the steps. It's got a touch of history for the curious, and has become a trusty companion. I like that it contains different terminology from places all around. A definite five star book!"

The Souls of Your Feet - A Tap Dance Guidebook for Rhythm Explorers
"This book is a gift to the tap community and the community at large. It explores rhythm, musicality, the body, and the passion behind tap dancing in an extremely meaningful way. The steps and explainations are laid out in a very organized way so that each lesson builds on the previous. This book provides new insight on traditional steps and techniques while inspiring the dancer, no matter what level. It discusses many aspects of tap that had previously gone undocumented and is a treasure for any teacher, student or (as the book says) rhythm explorer"

Inside Tap : Technique and Improvisation for Today's Tap Dancer
"I was trained in traditional and flash tap dancing, so I knew very little about rhythm tap. This book goes over the basics of tap and many traditional tap steps. What makes it so great, though, are the in-depth explanations of rhythm, dynamics, syncopation, accents, and new forms of tap, including rhythm tap and orchestrated tap. The explanations are clear and easy and the practice exercises are excellent. This is a must-have book for anyone wishing to expand their tap knowledge and artistry."

Tapworks: A Tap Dictionary & Reference Manual

Learn Tap Dance Videos

Miss Christy's Dance Class: Tap
"This video is an excellent way to learn or review tap dancing.The instructor moves slowly and teaches the steps as well as the proper names of steps. She quickly has you speeding up. I'm 33 years old and have never taken a dance class before. This video was easy to follow and a lot of FUN! "

I Hate to Exercise - I Love to Tap (VHS) or (DVD)
In this challenging video for all ages, you will learn to tap at your own pace... step by step! Bonnie Franklin teaches you all of the basic steps, how to build combinations, and dance popular tap routines such as the Waltz Clog, the Soft Shoe, the Time Step, and more! So if you have always wanted a way to dance yourself into shape, then Bonnie Franklin's tap class is just what you've been waiting for! You may hate to exercise... but you'll love to tap!

Tap With Ginger - Beginner Level
This beginner tape is awesome!  I advise it to everyone who wants to get started in learning tap dancing.  This is truly an easy to follow step by step instructional video.  The repetition of each step, slowly and filmed up close, make it a "SNAP" to learn all the basic tap moves.  How fun tap dancing is!


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