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Age Appropriate Audition Songs For Children

Choosing an audition song for a child is the same in most respects as choosing one for an adult. They need to understand it, it should be appropriate to their age and the part that it represents should be a part that they could conceivably play.

Remember that children have much smaller vocal ranges than adults because their bodies are still growing. In most cases, unless the song was originally written for a child's voice, a song will need to be transposed into a child's range. There are many computer programs that will do this now. Before you transpose though, keep two things in mind. In some cases, the range of a song maybe simply to large for a child even when transposed. Also, remember it is not only the music itself you must take into consideration but also the content.

It is much harder to find appropriate audition songs for children than for adults, especially in musical theatre, since the number of child roles is much smaller. However there are some very good ones if you spend the time digging. Start by looking through our list of shows that have roles for children. Wherever possible, the child roles have been indicated along with the songs that this character sings. It is also worth noting that for children's auditions, singing a song that is not from a musical theatre show is usually acceptable providing that the song is appropriate. The best example I can think of are the many wonderful Muppets songs. While not technically "musical theatre" they are very much a similar style.

Links To Age Appropriate Audition Songs

Disney Songbooks:

The Illustrated Disney Song Book
The New Illustrated Disney Songbook
The Disney's First Songbook : A Treasury of Favorite Songs to Sing and Play
Disney's Pocahontas Illustrated Songbook
The Lion King Illustrated Songbook
Aladdin Illustrated Songbook

Broadway Songs For Kids
Be Kind To Your Parents * Beauty And The Beast * Castle On A Cloud * Do-Re-Mi * Gary, Indiana * I Enjoy Being A Girl * I Whistle A Happy Tune * I Won't Grow Up * In My Own Little Corner * It's The Hard-Knock Life * Let Me Entertain You * Little Lamb * Little People * Maybe * Oklahoma * So Long, Farewell * Tomorrow * Where Is Love? * Who Will Buy?
Kids' Broadway Songbook @
Kids Broadway Songbook @ Amazon
Castle On A Cloud * Dites-Moi (Tell Me Why) * Gary, Indiana * The Girl I Mean To Be * I Whistle A Happy Tune * I Won't Grow Up * It's The Hard-Knock Life * Let Me Entertain You * Little Lamb * Maybe * My Best Girl (My Best Beau) * Round-Shouldered Man * Tomorrow * The Tree * Wendy * Where Is Love? * Who Will Buy? * Why Am I Me?
The Big Book Of Children's Movie Songs
(click link to see huge list of songs)


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