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Musical Theatre Characters Listed by Personality

Musical theatre characters, by their very nature, tend to be stereotypical. The descriptions and titles used in this character breakdown list were chosen in the interests of brevity, and are not meant to be offensive to anyone. If you would like to suggest a better title for a personality type, or another personality type that is not yet listed, please e-mail me. Many of these profiles are visitor-submitted and your input is appreciated.

Note: I am not demeaning the quality of the characters mentioned in these lists or suggesting that these are the only qualities of a particular character. I am merely stating that they are similar enough to be of interest to those searching for audition materials.

To use this info: Go to the show that you are auditioning for, and click on the name of the character you are auditioning for (or, click one of character descriptions on the left). You will then see a list of characters that are similar - and a song that one of these characters sings might be the right audition song for you.


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